Forestry Services Throughout the South West

Forestry Services in Gloucestershire and The South West

Charlton Abbott's role in the forestry sector is primarily as forestry consultants rather than a purely contracting role. Our main forestryconsultancy role includes:

  • Organising Forestry Grants
  • Harvesting and Marketing Trees and Timber
  • Estate Tree Surveys and Reports
  • Woodland Contracting Services
  • Country Estate Landscaping
  • Woodland Valuations
  • Tree planting schemes and grants
  • Local Supplier for Kania Squirrel Traps

If you have woodlands which require thinning or maintaining, we could be of assistance. Grant aid is often available towards management of certain existing woodlands. Some of the main items of service we offer include:

  • Felling Licence Applications.
  • Biodiversity management plans for ancient semi natural woodlands. These we prepare jointly with a number of recognised ecological surveyors.
  • We are able to organise all types of grant available for mature woodlands. e.g. management grant.
  • Woodlands management and operational plans and planning.
  • Supervision and co-ordination of all types of woodland operations. (See Timber Marketing for further details).
  • Squirrel, rabbit and deer control.
  • Woodland Valuations (often carried out in conjunction with a range of rural chartered surveyors).
  • Maintenance of young plantings e.g.. spraying, weeding, grasscutting.

Arboriculture Consultancy

Increasingly, we are asked to prepare reports on health and safety of trees. This also includes reports for insurance purposes. We carry full professional indemnity insurance. The salient points of our service include :-

  • Tree surveys and reports for Health and Safety eg. along roadsides, footpaths and near buildings.
  • Although we do carry out tree surgery, this is usually as part of a larger contract. We avoid preparing a report and then carrying out subsequent tree surgery. This prevents us being Judge, Jury and Executioner. In situations where we have prepared a report we have a number of Tree Surgery contractors whom we can recommend (and oversee if required).
  • Tree root identification by light microscopy.
  • Detection of internal stem and branch decay by ultrasound.
  • Tree inspections for insurance purposes including mortgage insurance requirements.
  • Tree Planting Schemes
  • Supply of Chipwood for Fuel
  • Large Horizontal Splitter for Billet Production
  • Soft & Hard Landscaping
  • Fencing
  • Tree Reports & Tree Surgery
  • Woodland Management
  • Landscape Contracting
  • Timber Sales
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Tree Planting Schemes

We are often asked by farmers and landowners to assist them in establishing new woodlands. Schemes range on size from 0.25 Ha to whole farm schemes of over 100Ha.

A farm woodland planting scheme will not always cost you the earth. Annual payments for 15 years are available for taking land out of agricultural production. We can provide a complete tree planting and maintenance package. This includes consultation, grant administration, supply of plants, materials and labour etc.

As part of our service we offer a FREE Initial Advisory Visit to discuss forestry projects. Please phone our main office to arrange a visit. Tel: 01242 821 129

Supplies of Trees and Materials

Some clients particularly with small schemes prefer to plant the trees or shrubs themselves. This is often the case with garden hedges. We are quite happy to organise the grants for a planting scheme and not plant the trees.

For more information please give us a call on 01242 821 129

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